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“Personal Space” SciFi Webseries Launches Kickstarter

We really enjoy getting to to tell you wonderful Aggressors about fabulous new projects.  In particular, good kickstarters/indiegogo/gofundme campaigns for worthy causes. One of our favorite genres around here is science fiction (duh), and anytime we find a fundraising opportunity for what looks like a really good idea, we try to let you know about it. […]

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Truly Outrageous: Jem Fanfilm Launches Kickstarter

(Editor’s Note:  This is a piece that Gwen “Gwendles” Reza and I have pieced together for your informational enjoyment.) Aggressors, we know there are quite a few of you that grew up with Jem and Holograms. You were mesmerized, enraptured by the story and the characters and the music as a kid, right? So many little girls […]

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HawaiiCon 2015: Kickstarter is LIVE

Remember when we told you guys about the amazing time we had at the sci fi convention in Hawaii?  Well, they just launched their kickstarter campaign for HawaiiCon 2015, and you should donate/buy tickets so you don’t miss out.  I mean really, where else will you get the chance to enjoy the beauty of the […]

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UPDATE: Star Trek Axanar

When you hear the term “fan film’, admittedly there is a measure of dubious skepticism that happens.  That is NOT the case with Star Trek: Axanar.  I say this because I was lucky enough to spend a day on set while filming for the Prelude to Axanar was happening, and I cannot begin to adequately sing the […]

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Harry Potter Fan Film Kickstarter

Every so often, there is a kickstarter you just have to get behind and support.  Mine for the last two months has been The Gathering Storm: A Marauders Fan Film.  It takes place in the Harry Potter world, pre “The Chosen One”. The story follows the Marauders; Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs during their sixth year at Hogwarts and the events leading to their roles in the First […]

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