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Is Rosamund Pike Playing Moiraine in Amazon’s “Wheel of Time”?!?

We’ve been anxiously awaiting any kind of news about Amazon Studios’ upcoming live-action tv series adaptation of Robert Jordan‘s (and later completed by Brandon Sanderson) epic fantasy series “The Wheel Of Time”, and maybe-possibily-rumor-mill-y we can start guessing on one particular thing. According to Dragonmount on Twitter, actress Rosamund Pike is being rumored for the role of Aes […]

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“X-Men”: Recast Updates, Jean Grey News

It’s been widely reported that 20th Century Fox’s X-Men franchise was looking at recasting key founding members of the core team. Namely as Bryan Singer has stated a few times, Scott Summers (Cyclops), Ororo Monroe (Storm), and Jean Grey. The fancasting has been running rampant, and it looks like the forerunning lady being eyed for […]

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