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“Alien” Day: LV-426 Ripley’s Reebok Stompers

April 26th of 2016 is Alien Day.  If you’re scratching your head, it’s because you don’t remember the name of the planetoid the crew of the Nostromo lands on, LV-426.   Reebok released this statement today detailing their plans for the release of a real product modeled after Sigourney Weaver’s character Ellen Ripley’s shoes seen […]

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“The X Files”: s10e2 Is SO MUCH BETTER

If you read my review of the first episode of The X-Files revisit, then you know I was NOT impressed at all.  It felt like series creator/writer/director Chris Carter wanted to a) piss off the Xphile faithful, b) do away with almost every scrap of 9 seasons worth of mythology, and c) force the now rusty […]

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Neill Blomkamp: New “Aliens” Movie?!

Remember that set of AMAZING concept art we showed you from the Alien movie that never was?  Well, we might need to rethink that now, guys. Neill had this to say today via instagram:   “[Sigourney] knows about it,” Blomkamp says, “and part of it was just inspired by speaking to her on set when we were […]

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Space Jockey: Sideshow’s AMAZING ‘Alien’ Figure

I honestly don’t have enough money or display space for the number of amazing collectables Sideshow Toys has been making.  There would be zero room in my office, livingroom, garage, heck, probably even my BATHROOM.  But I’d make space for this. The Space Jockey, our first look at one of the non-humanoids in Alien:     […]

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“The X Files”: Mulder And Scully RETURNING?!

Surprising no one, network giant Fox has recently been fueling the fanbases of a possible return of one their most popular series, science fiction/thriller The X Files. The Hollywood Reporter says Dana Walden and Gary Newman (Fox Television Group chairmen and CEOs) noted that the network has had conversations to revive The X-Files with series creator Chris […]

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