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Mab The Professional

Greetings, programs.  Chances are, you’re here because I know you, you know me, or you’ve read something I’ve written.  I’m Mary Anne Butler (Mab), writer/photographer and general commentary on “things”.

I’m the Editor-In-Chief for Aggressive Comix, and a contributing writer on Ace Of Geeks.  But I also have written in the past for Geek Magazine, UGO, and others.

I travel the country doing events (conventions, festivals, concerts), often times as part of the organizing body as well as a guest/panelist, but always as a fan.

You can find me at Big Wow! Comic Fest, any of the Renaissance Productions events, HawaiiCon, and Silicon Valley Comic Con just to name a few.

We figured it might be time for me to actually have my “own” site, where I can keep a record of all that I’ve done and do.

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