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“Personal Space” SciFi Webseries Launches Kickstarter

We really enjoy getting to to tell you wonderful Aggressors about fabulous new projects.  In particular, good kickstarters/indiegogo/gofundme campaigns for worthy causes. One of our favorite genres around here is science fiction (duh), and anytime we find a fundraising opportunity for what looks like a really good idea, we try to let you know about it.

Did you enjoy Battlestar Galactica the reimagined series?  We sure did, and we’ve enjoyed almost everything the cast has gone on to do since.  One such project looks really promising with the talents of Nicki Clyne, Tahmoh Penikett, and Richard Hatch as well as others on board.

It’s kickstarter just launched today:

Personal Space has 30 days to go, and hopefully with your help they’ll make their goal.

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